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Quick summary:-

  • 1991 Design Began
  • 1993 Cut all arches for balconies, windows and doors
  • Aproximatley 400 tonnes of Rock
  • 90% locally scourced from Granite Rock quarry near Bairnsdale; Buchan Limestone; Nowa Nowa Jasper, ryolite and iron ore.
  • Small amounts from further afield - Barossa Valley, Renmark, Mt Gambier, and even Veneto Italy.
  • Others who helped - My Father did much of the grouting and fitting of small stones. Ken Jakobi made the gate. My brother Tony made all the curved windows and doors.

Because the arches are not circular, each voussoir in the arches required a different cut. I wrote a program to visualize the arches, and output the angles - I've rewitten it in javascript here. Most of my arches have a "knee" of 4. I'd make adjustments to the keystone/voussoir sizes in the arches until the  "intersection" rocks, where two differing arches meet at a column, landed at teh same level.

The Picture below is Sisyphus by Titian. "One must imagine Sisyphus happy." - Albert Camus


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