2005-10 The front elevation

2005-08 - Ponds done and the piers to hold the path up



2005-09 - hall and bedroom floors laid.

2005-10 - Columns started. These are peices of 20mm granite off-cuts from the stone masons.

2006-01 - ready to start the arches

2006-02 - Arches up, formwork removed, underside of arches grouted, and waiting for it to dry.


2006-07 - Large rocks placed in the wall, with a bobcat, and the plumbing for the ponds in

2006-07 - More left over steel from North Arm Bridge.

2007-11 - cutting the curve into the entry door vaulting

2007-11 - Pattern marked, and I drilled a hole at each corner of the windows

2007-11 - I've scabbled the front surfaces where required

2007-11 - Windows cut out

2007-12 - Top sections partly done

2007-12 - Top and bottom together to try and get the sides of the ribs square with the face as it curves up - each rib twists as it rises.


2008-01 - Being put in place


2008-01 - Bond beam over the top

2008-04 - All in and formwork removed

2009 - in the dark

2009 - and in the light