The Gate design is inspired from St John's Gate, Oxford designed by Wendy Ramshaw. It has a lens that captures the building in the background from the park side, and the park from St John's side. Ken Jakobi and I drew up the plans and ruoted out the gate on formply; and then we (mainly Ken) set about building it.

2007-01The final design

2007-01 - Jakobi says - 'How do I do this?!!!'

2007-01 - I convinced Ken he can do it



2007-01 - whaaaat the

2007-01 - Borrowed the Old Man's forge...



2007-01 - The outer circle bar fits within the thicker perimeter bar

2007-01 - exposure time 0.2 sec

2007-01 - All the pieces fitted together. It looked great with really sharp ends on those points, but for safety we had to round them down a bit

2007-01 - welded up


2007-01 - Trial fit