Plans were being drawn up for the block next door, so while I still had access, I commenced the retaining wall/ponds. The original plans were for a pool at the bottom of the steps, but when the contractors put the sewer/stormwater pipes in, they were placed too far uphill, and so the easement was moved accordingly. This meant I had no room or backyard. I remembered a garden "villa d'este" in Tivoli, Italy with a "cave", and thought this would give me more room..... The house next door was never built, and the block remains vacant

2000-06 - back wall begun

2000-06 - These are the offcuts from the arch rocks of the house. Easy to lay as they are like tiles


2000-08 - The steel is what was left over from the North Arm bridge. The backing pieces are recycled pavers from somewhere




2000-08 - Ponds In


2000-09 - The arches on the ponds are made from offcuts of peices between the vissours of the house window/door arches



2001-03 - Vaulting Started





2001-03 - This was difficult to cast because there was the staircase on the inside, and vaulting on the other





2001-03 - Vaulting cast with polystyrene vegi boxes (to reduce weight and volume) and wet sand


2002-11 - Finished and running