2002-11 Scaffolding for stairwell


2005-02 - Garage wall. The thin backing panels I made whenever we had a bit of concrete left over from work. The gap was then filled with concrete and bulked out with old bricks or concrete embedded in it.




2005 Watch the timelapse -its in HD so if you have ADSL2 set the settings to at least 720p and view in fullscreen. (The icon appears when play commences)

The Music is "Cypress Grove Blues" by Tony Furtado

2005-03 - With Tony's CNC router I cut the template to the original design of the arch and the voussoirs fit better than ever.

2005-03 - I have thousands of these pictures. I set the camera to take a picture every 10 seconds( I think) to make the timelapse.

2005-05 - Started the gable end wall ontop of the roof garden.





2005-05 Pizza Oven door


2005-06 This window was to allow light into the entry through a sceen of columns. However the entry plan got changed, so now its just the access to the ceiling space.

2006-02 Garage door arch up



2007-01 Originally I thought with the vaulting bricks, a brick wall to cover the penetrating stairway would look best. It looks better just coontinuing the line of the stairway through, with the yellow render

2007-01 - Ken seems to be enjoying this!





2007-02 Formwork for the hallway. Laying these rocks is easier than the wall rocks, but grouting from underneath is a bitch. My Dad did all of it.



2007-06 - ducting for the solar heating.


2007-06 Plumbing for the front ponds

2008-06 - Upstairs Bathroom.

2008-06 - Kitchen



2008-06 - Living floor


2008-06 - This year I was told I wouldn't be able to extend my permit beyond twelve months, so I took 12 months off work, and spent too much. Everything was done in a rush. An abuse of civil liberties I think. What impost was it to anyone else!

2008-05 hardplaster


2000 - Table leg design

2000 - Table design

2011-10 - Table leg being turned.


Finished table