The Lower doors are made from blackwood. Orginally they didn't have the mountain ash frame around, but they would warp in winter, so it was added later.

The curved windows and doors were made by Tony (my Brother). The window or door is drawn up in 3d and then "wrapped" to a cylinder of the appropriate radius. In the case of the windows, it is then divided up into manageable pieces, each piece is set flat in 3d space and then tooling paths done for the top face, including rebates if necessary. Then the piece is turned on edge and the tooling paths generated for that face. And so on for each face. Each piece was then machined and Tony had to cut the ends, house out a mortise for a tenon and fit them together. He'd get three or four up, only to find that the first joint needed a slight adjustment.

2003 - Design of the Roof Door

2003 - 3 views of the 'wrapped door

2003 - Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the door being made

2003 - Tony's CNC machine was new and we wanted to see what we could do with it - thus the curved inlay

2005 - One of the windows. Dark blue is outside, Light blue inside, yellow is the rebate for the glass, purple is the divisions of the pieces

2005 - On the right you can see the flat rebates for the glass (yellow

2005 - Machining one of the pieces

2005 - Sill done, first pieces done

2005 - 3 pieces up each side

2005 - The Y junctions are laminated

2005 - And then the top and bottom faces and rebates are machined


2005 - holes to (cylinder)bolt the laminations together - the bolts still haven't been put in.

2005 - One pane complete

2005 - Tony working away


2005 - Louise did all the sanding and oiling

2005 - Tony and Louise

2005 - Tony says 'ahhh! last piece won't fit

2005 - Trial fit of the windows





2006 - Final fit - on the next windows and doors I got the surveyors to map each rock into an autocad file, and we were able to 'fit' the window on the computer







2008 - Bathroom window

2008 - Fitted

2010 - The narcissus position. Since each pane faces the center of the room...

2012 - just finished front door - Jarrah with panels of East Gippsland Mahogany