After the damage the best was to move in, so I had to get the bathroom finished. Inside the shower.




The floor is a large slab of 'paradiso' granite


1997 -02 - Scanned from negatives again. Back to main construction. In this photo you can see the sand being cast to lay the brick vaulting

1997-02 - ditto

1997-05 - -The curved centering for the arch

1997-06 - Wet sand is cast to support the vaulting

1997-06 - Over the damp sand I spread cement and trowelled it smooth to form an eggshell skin on which I could draw the layout lines

1997-06 - formwork for next arch


1998-07- They started building next door; so I got the boundary garage wall up

1998-07 - The water tank under the garage floor

1998-08 - I have to get a good camera! Note the Formply door.

1998-08 - Straight arch and Garden sink

1998-08 - Curved Arch

1998-08 - Vaulting brick joints grouted from below (i'd half filled the joints with sand from above)

1999-01 - Kitchen/hall walls

1999-07 - Reinforcing for flower boxes