2000-01 - Section of Column and living skylight/roof table

2000-01 - As you can see in the photos, I drilled a hole in each end of the block of stone and glued in a shaft; this was then placed onto bearings with a V-belt turning the whole block at about 3rpm. I then cut down to a template. On the fist series of cuts I kept about 4mm high


and cut every 10mm, and then broke these peices off



2000 - I rounded off the middle, and put a couple of rollers under to prevent it breaking.


The second pass I cut 1-2mm proud every 5mm. On the third pass I set the blade at the exact height and let the blade travel continously over the column (The machine has a worm gear drive for sideways moveme




Then I placed the polisher in a cradle, and let it travel slowly (6 hours) over the column - once for each grit (50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and buff. The Column is Imperial Red from India

2000-02 - Finished - three months including base and capitals


The Capitol is made from Buchan limestone. It has such a fine grain that you can shave it with a knife. But after 24 hours, like all dense limestones, it hardens with exposure to air. You then have to chisel off the top skin. Drilled holes to set the depth of work


2002-04 - Installation

2002 - Installed. Joints are Black Sikaflex



2002 - close up of the capital