2006 - Sunset



2004-04 - -view from bedroom window.

2004-04 - the side garden

2004-04 - view from bedroom

2004-04 - outdoor basin





2004-12 - speco sunsets



2004-12 - side garden

2004-12 - Tony built this.... and I went up in it!!!

2004-12 - Air shots








2006-01 - One day I came home from work to find this sign out the front. George Thomas (local sign writer) was in the habit of having a beer with Peter Rhodes across the road....






2007-02 - Solar roof

2007-02 - Solar roof. Glass over black colourbond over chipboard flooring. Air is ducted between the flooring and colourbond, and sent down to the lower level of the house. On a clear day in July, which is rare, I get over 210MJ (60kW/h). Its enough heating except for June and July.


2008-06 - Oranges


2008-06 - Back door.




2008-01 - Suzi, Amira, Ken









2009-10 - Peter Rhodes took this picture from his balcony



Dan and Holly's wedding



Rylee and Mary-Sue's wedding






2009- Vanity


The Bench is South Dakota Mahogany Granite 75mm thick cantilevered from the wal